Problem Solving & Decision Making

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Who Should Attend?

Leaders, senior managers, senior level management, and others who need to develop their leadership skills for enhanced performance and keeping up with the organizational objectives.

About The Program

Decision making is a very crucial part of every Leaders’ role. In this Program, we felicitate Leaders with different keys to identify, prevent and resolve any difference in opinions through effective implementation of decision making skills.

The program focuses on the underlying and fundamental concepts for successful decision making, namely objectives, alternatives and risk.

Participants will experience each step through a variety of individual, small-group, and large group exercises. As they discuss and learn about decision-making, they will also use self-reflective tools to analyze their personal decision making approaches.

Many decisions in organizations today are made by groups, so participants also explore decision-making as a Leader, in sync with organizational goals and objectives.

Program Objectives

  • To apply structured methods and enhanced skills to the decision making process
  • To have a straightforward yet effective approach to problem analysis and decision making in difficult times
  • To set priorities precisely
  • To impart structured decision making processes within departments and teams in order to increase the effectiveness of delegation
  • To understand how decision making patterns impact others
  • To have your teams’ support in every decision made by you – by building ‘trust’

Program Content


  • Decisions and how good are we at making them
  • Framing the decision context
  • Rational and emotional decision making
  • Priority setting and decision styles


  • Identify Outcome-Based Goals
  • Recognize action plan in Decision Making
  • Intuitive Decision Making
  • Managing the Decision Process