Leading Change

Leading Change

Who Should Attend?

Leaders, senior managers, senior level management, and others who need to develop their leadership skills for enhanced performance and keeping up with the organizational objectives.

About The Program

Change is the only thing constant in life – yes, and also in organizations. Mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, expansion, downsizing, new business initiatives or even technology implementations – all are a part of ‘change’ for any organization.

These changes impact a large number of people at any workplace. Our 2 day program trains your leaders on how to lead organizational change efforts by understanding the different levels of concerns possible and adapting to change in order to improve productivity and morale.

Research says that people are more adaptable to change when they have the opportunity to share their concerns and be involved in the process, from the beginning. This is where leaders play an important role in enrolling their people.
Through our program, leaders learn how to identify and address the questions that employees could typically raise and how to resolve their concerns to increase buy-in, commitment and involvement.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the effects of change on your team members
  • Focus on team members’ key concerns along the way through the change process
  • Implement strategies to assist team members through change
  • Understand the readiness levels for your team towards change

Program Content


  • Organizational restructure
  • Change at strategic levels
  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • Implementation of systems or Business process re-engineering


    • How change affects you
    • Change and transition
    • Managing Resistance
    • Psychological impacts of change
    • Change Leader Capabilities