The Company was founded in 2000 by Dr. Ahmed Tahlak

Call Centre Company

In the year 2000, Dr. Ahmed Tahlak founded the company, The Teleservices, Dubai, UAE. Here you would get all your solutions for call centre procedures. The Teleservices Company is based in Dubai, efficiently providing all the call center services worldwide. Moreover, it is one of the most popular call centres of the country. Being an ‘ambitious UAE national, Dr. Ahmed Tahlak had an embarking experience in this particular industry. He was basically known as the ‘CALL CENTER GURU‘. His guidance is what gave this company that required edge in the form of expert professionals. 

Get Your Call Center solutions with the Tele Services Company Dubai

We basically offer consultancy services and procured training and courses in customer service skills development, leadership skills, and management. We also thrive as the best solution providers for any managerial and technical problems that the companies face nowadays. Due to our expertise in various fields of the industry, we have been successful in emerging out as one of the top pioneering tele services company in UAE.

In order to train the BPO employees for their job, it is very important to provide them with the complete knowledge of the various products and procedures involved in the job. Proper training and sound knowledge from the trainers would make the customers feel that they are actually talking to somebody who knows about their problems as well as the solution to those problems. Therefore, the training programs for call center employee act as a vital aspect of their career and personal development. 

Call Center Solutions

As an institute, we are also the solution providers for the best works like B2b and B2C marketing. B2B marketing is basically a practice of selling products or specific services to various other companies that further resell them or use them to manufacture or improvise their own products or work systems. Moreover, if we talk about B2C marketing, then it is a business strategy of promoting different products among the potential customers. Our appeal in the International market has helped us in gaining this particular position in the industry where we can help out the other companies in their marketing strategies through our expert trainers.

Call Center Companies in Dubai, UAE

The Teleservices Company is the ideal source to outsource the works of your company. You can contact us for professional programs on outsourcing facilities by taking the help of BPOs and tend to retain a strictly professional attitude. As an outsourced agent, you can put up your employees to an external service provider just to handle the call volume overflow in the most efficient manner.

This would be a boom for your customer service skills as well. Moreover, you can also opt for outsourcing a particular department in order to provide the best support for your specialized calls.

Therefore feel free to connect and contact us for all your B2B and B2C marketing and Call centre in Dubai. Our experience in the top International market and our professional edge would be beneficial for the companies to reach out to their customers.

Call Center Services in Dubai, UAE

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"I am thankful that we found LEVENBERT ACADEMY as a partner for training. The organization, contents and instructors are much better than in any company we had experience with before."

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