The Company was founded in 2000 by Dr. Ahmed Tahlak

Get Your Call Centre solutions with the Tele Services Company Dubai

The Tele Services Company is a Dubai based company that engages in providing call centre services and is one of the most renowned call center in Dubai. Dr. Ahmed Tahlak founded the company in 2000. He is an 'ambitious UAE national' and has a significant experience in this field. He has been called a 'CALL CENTER GURU'. He has considerable professional expertise in this field.

Customer Service & Call Center

  • We provide consultancy services and provide training in the development of customer service skills, management, and leadership skills.
  • We are also major solutions providers of any technical problems that you are facing.
  • Our expertise in so many different fields has helped us emerge as one of the top tele service companies in the UAE.
  • We are the providers of the best works including B2B and B2C marketing. Our international appeal and work front has helped us to reach one of the top positions in this field.
  • If you are looking for companies to outsource your work, then, The Tele Services Company is your ideal destination. We offer outsourcing facilities with the help of BPO and maintain a strictly professional attitude.

Your trusted partner for BPO/Call Centre Services in UAE

So feel free to contact us B2B or B2C telemarketing services in Dubai. Our international experienceand professional attitude benefits our customers in reaching their envisioned goal for their business.

Call Center Services in Dubai, UAE

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"I am thankful that we found LEVENBERT ACADEMY as a partner for training. The organization, contents and instructors are much better than in any company we had experience with before."

Balqis Moosa


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