Different types of call centre services

Customer service centres have become an essential part of the present-day world. These call centres provide critical services to their clients and regular customers by clearing doubts and answering them. People working at these call centres have complete knowledge about the benefits imparted by their clients, and they sell the products. The employees working at these customer service centres are trained to listen to the customer’s complaints and queries. They then help them resolve them using different communication channels.

Before choosing to get a customer service centre service, you should know the different types of services call centres in Dubai to provide. By gaining knowledge of the different kinds of call centres, you will be able to understand better which service is helpful for your company. This will help you to achieve your goals.

The Different Types of Customer Services There Are

There are a number of different types of categorisation based on the functions and nature of customer service centres. Some of these are as follows:

  • Inbound and outbound call centres
  • Domestic and international call centres
  • Large and small call centres
  • Physical and virtual call centres
  • In-house and outsourced call centres

The Way an Inbound Call Centre Works
In an inbound call centre, employees receive calls from customers. This particular kind of call centre focuses on assisting their customers who need instructions or require help to resolve issues. For instance, if the internet connection at your place is working very slowly or stops working at all, you can call the companies’ customer service who is providing you with the internet connection. You can complain about your problem and have it fixed.

Besides on-call support, inbound call centre employees provide their customers with chat support and email response. The primary motive of an inbound call centre in Dubai is to solve as many customer problems as possible. The number of calls dealt by agents wide depends on the number of customers contacting the customer service centres. Some days, the inflow of calls may be peaking, which may be a lot lower on other days.

The Functions of An Outbound Call Centre
This is yet another type of call centre where employees make the calls to get in contact with possible customers to offer to telemarket. These customer service centres make calls to purchasers who are already existing customers to inform them about the characteristics of their services and products. These customer service centres also call the customers to let them know about their previous complain and ways to resolve them.

The Purpose of Domestic Customer Service Centres
The name of this customer service centre itself tells you about the call centre’s function and purpose. Domestic customer service centres work only within the bounds of a particular country. They respond to the inquires of customers for that specific country. Employees in a domestic call centre in Dubai will only receive and call customers in Dubai and no other country.

The Functionality of An International Call Centre
International call centres deal with clients from multinational companies. The employees of these customer service centres receive and make calls to customers from various countries. Employees working at an international call centre receive particular language and culture training. This is done so that they understand different accents of customers who belong from other countries. They are trained in such a way so that they do not come out as offensive to the customer’s cultural sensitivity.

The Way Virtual Call Centres Work
Several businesses opt for cloud-based or virtual customer service centres. This is because virtual call centre provides combined services of outbound and inbound call centres with several advanced features. Virtual call centres can be handled from anywhere. It is swift and easy to set up as it does not need any special programming equipment or skills.

Employees only require a phone or a computer with internet connectivity in order to access the service. A significant benefit of a cloud-based call centre is that you can combine them with your existing tools like sale support systems or CRM.

The Way an In-House Call Centre Operates
These in-house customer service centres are operated and owned by the actual company itself. This implies that the company’s team of employees looks into the maintenance, installation, and configuration of the in-house hardware and software. If a new business policy needs an introduction to their customers or any announcements that need to be made, they can take care of these immediately.

The Functions of An Outsourced Customer Service Centre
An outsourced customer service centre is a cheaper option opted by companies. Brands that do not feel the need to hire employees and spend on training, office space, and technologies this a suitable choice. Some brands are concerned about time and cost related to set-up. They should opt for virtual call centres as they do not need any unique IT infrastructure or programming.

The different types of call centres present have been mentioned above. Hoping this has helped clear your concept about customer service centres. Now you know which of the call centres mentioned earlier centre is suitable for your company.