Goal Setting And Accountability

Goal Setting And Accountability

Who Should Attend?

Leaders, senior managers, senior level management, and others who need to develop their leadership skills for enhanced performance and keeping up with the organizational objectives.

About The Program

Goal setting and accountability at the leadership level requires a different level of commitment altogether. In order to be able to drive a high-performance culture in an organization, leaders have to instill the importance of individual goals, team goals and overall organizational goals in their teams.

With our 2 day leadership program on goal setting and accountability, leaders from various organizations learn to build employee engagement and commitment that drives positive outcomes. You’re able to focus on the best practices for holding employees accountable towards goals set with them, in mutual consent.

Leaders have to be fair with accountability practices – everyone must be held to their defined standards for performance and commitment. Treating people disproportionately corrodes trust and respect between the leaders and their team members.

Program Objectives

  • Create a culture of performance par excellence
  • Hold individuals and teams accountable to goals set
  • Communicate the importance of individual, team, and development goals to achieve strategic objectives of the organization
  • Have the employees buy in for the goals set, that arise out of accountability taken on

Program Content


  • Understanding goal setting and it’s relation with being accountable
  • Know what you want and need
  • Quit tolerating
  • Deepen your understanding
  • Expand your Vision
  • Focus on the present


  • Identify Outcome-Based Goals
  • Play your game
  • Look for the best in your people
  • Put accountability to work in sync with the set goals