Leadership by Walking Around

Leadership by Walking Around

Who Should Attend?

Leaders, senior managers, senior level management, and others who need to develop their leadership skills for enhanced performance and keeping up with the organizational objectives.

About The Program

We are no longer in the times where leaders sit through their cabins and demand work and performance from there. There is a need to know what’s happening ‘outside the cabin’. One of the most powerful ways to know what’s happening is to be out of your cabin, and amongst the tea, at their work stations – work with them, ask questions, offer support if needed etc.

This builds trust amongst the team members and gives them the feeling that you’re ‘connected’ with them. You, on the other hand are able to motivate them and better productivity. The most common practices across organizations to communicate with their teams are by emails and delegating tasks. We usually talk to people only in case of any breakdowns.

This requires a range of skills like active listening, participating in conversations, observation, recognition and rewards at the right time. Through our 2 day Program, you understand the strategy building required to stay in touch with people, their work, their interests and ideas. We encourage participation and spontaneity with an open door environment.

Program Objectives

  • Making time for your peopls
  • Doing it together
  • Keeping it positive
  • Being self-aware
  • Not leaving ‘people’ out
  • Keeping it random, and not strictly structured

Program Content


  • Being an active participant
  • Feeling the pulse of what’s going on
  • Improving team dynamics
  • How to manage by walking around


  • Listening to employees
  • Being inclusive
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Review your conversations