Sales Training

Sales Training

Who Should Attend?

Call center executives, tele-callers, team leaders and anyone who is front ending the customer/ debtor/ prospective buyer on the call/ email and representing the ‘client’

About The Program

Sales happen when people connect with clients. The clients need to feel great about the product/ service offered, as well as about themselves – and not be put off. Hence, this requires high and positive energy levels at all times. Clients want to talk to you, and not have a scripted call.

More often than ever, it is the first 30 secs of a call that defines the tone of the call. At TSC, through our 3 day program on Sales training, we provide you with a powerful set of skills that train your agents to be confident on calls, and be ready for dialogue.

Besides providing great outbound selling skills, we also cover objection handling and powerful call closings, as a part of our program.

It’s important to understand and communicate that sales can enhance the service experience of a customer. For call center agents (and their supervisors, managers, coaches, trainers and quality assurance team), this means active listening, effective engagement and building a rapport with the customer.

Program Objectives

  • Attention-grabbing call openings
  • Building the connection and engaging with the customer
  • Mastering non-verbal reactions
  • Gauging multiple hidden needs
  • Value-rich product offers
  • Closing assertively client-friendly

Program Content


  • Connect with the customer
  • Greetings and how they should sound
  • Icebreaking and it’s usage
  • Grab the customer’s attention at the start
  • Present your product in an interesting manner to the customer


  • Asking the right questions
  • Preparing for common objection handling
  • Verbal nods
  • Close assertively and confidently