Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Who Should Attend?

Call center executives, tele-callers, team leaders andanyone who is front ending the customer/ debtor/ prospective buyer on the call/email and representing the ‘client’

About The Program

Interpersonalskills are the relations between people. They are important in any business ororganization, more so when customer service is done over the phone. There are anumber of skills that form part of interpersonal skills.
Our 2 day programon this helps you create a healthy way within a working environment so that theteams are in sync with each other and overall organization objectives.

This is becauseevery organization is trying to explore all possible means through which their teamsinteract among themselves to ensure that the highest level of productivity isachieved. Through our program, one clearly understands how such skills areimportant to be imparted across the organizations.

They govern how youinteract with people within your organization as well as your externalcustomers.

Program Objectives

  • To improve communication skillsamongst teams
  • Will help to instill the right typeof behavior in teams
  • Will help in creating healthyrelationships within the working environment
  • Will ensure a better adoption of thevarious conflict resolution techniques
  • Will lead to overall effectivenesswithin the workplace

Program Content


  • Identify various communication styles
  • Revealing various conflict resolutiontechniques within the workplace
  • Different situations where you canmake use of your interpersonal skills
  • Tips to build healthy relationshipswithin the workplace


  • Identifying communication barriersamong employees
  • Why healthy relationships need to beconstantly maintained
  • Effective communication and how tomake it work in your organizations
  • How to handle criticisms in aneffective way