Who Should Attend?

Call center executives, tele-callers, team leaders and anyone who is front ending the customer/ debtor/ prospective buyer on the call/ email and representing the ‘client’
About The Program

This 3 day program is specifically designed for debt collection agents and who deal with customers with outstanding or overdue debts.

There is a plethora of debt collection practices and techniques used for negotiations and handling collection conversations with debtors, in a professional way.

Through our 3 day program, the debt collection agents go through training with regards to their soft skills, as well as understanding the process. The on-the-job training to equip them with the skills to understand the circumstances of the customer and deal with the situation sensitively is also a critical task.

Program Objectives

  • Increase debt collectors confidence when handling challenging collection calls
  • Empower debt collectors with best practice collection techniques
  • Train debt collection agents on controlling collection calls better
  • Increase your agents debt collection rate
  • Follow a step by step debt collection call process
  • Understand and practice specific collection call best practice techniques

Program Content


  • Attitude, Skills and Knowledge of a successful debt collector
  • How to open and close a collection call with courtesy
  • The different types of debtors
  • A step by step process for a successful debt collection call
  • Debtor’s objections and rebuttals
  • The mindset of a successful debt collection agent


  • Debt collection best practice tips and techniques
  • Strategies for motivating debtors at different stages of delinquency
  • Understanding the importance of increasing the number of sincere “promises-to-pay”
  • Impact that body language and vocal quality has on the client
  • Alternate ways to ask the reason for delinquency
  • Developing effective vocal quality


  • Responding effectively to excuses (objections) and applying a firm yet customer orientated approach
  • Reading different personality styles and adjusting ones approach accordingly
  • Managing irate clients in a customer orientated manner
  • The five common emotional states of delinquent customers

The pre-call planning components needed for collection problem-solving