Basic Skills For Call Center Managers

Basic Skills For Call Center Managers

Who Should Attend?

Team leaders, Managers, Sr. Managers and anyone who is front ending the customer/ debtor/ prospective buyer on the call/ email and representing the ‘client’

About The Program

People management is not something that’s very simple for all – and hence we have a 3 day Program to assist you with just that. The bottom line lies in the fact that when people are treated with respect, they give back the same to you.

This allows each manager the opportunity to implement what is covered in the training program and develop processes, tools and templates that can be used on an ongoing basis customized to specific needs within your respective processes.

This training course is developed to provide managers valuable best practices of “how to” for executing day-to-day job requirements with ease and finesse.

The program trains managers in essential communication, leadership and coaching skills, and presents best tactics and practices for supervisor training and development, motivation, retention, collaboration, performance measurement and management, and self-assessment.

Program Objectives

  • Key roles of leadership in the call center
  • How to communicate effectively across all levels of hierarchy inthe team
  • How call center business strategy impacts front-line performanceand vice versa
  • The role managers play in workforce management of a call center
  • The cost and causes of attrition and how they impact the callcenter
  • Common reactions to feedback and coaching, and how to respond
  • Managing each stage of training for continuous performanceimprovement across processes

Program Content


  • Role of the manager
  • Customer relationship management
  • Developing & maintaining positive call center culture
  • Characteristics of effective teams
  • Stages of team development


  • Team development strategies
  • Developing action plans with teams
  • Setting performance standards within a call center
  • Quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators
  • Identifying training and coaching requirements
  • Agent development


  • Call data reports
  • Agent data report
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Characteristics of constructive feedback
  • Pitfalls to avoid when giving feedback