Basic Skills For Call Center Agents

Basic Skills For Call Center Agents

Who Should Attend?

Call center executives, tele-callers, team leaders and anyone who is front ending the customer/ debtor/ prospective buyer on the call/ email and representing the ‘client’

About The Program

Call centers and outsourcing have been around for years now, and besides cost benefits, organizations also benefit by getting specialized skills and saving on resource management. The outsourced partner becomes your representative to your customers, and as a part of business strategies more organizations are opting for them.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that their customer care executives have all the soft skills and product knowledge required to develop elevating conversations with their customers – whether existing or prospects. Call centers proactively organize regular training sessions for their agents so that their soft skills can be developed in the most effective ways.

During these soft skill training programs, agents are taught the significance of being empathic with customers and developing a good rapport with them. Soft skill training sessions need to be comprehensive, and every key area is taken into special consideration.

Program Objectives

  • Express empathy
  • Build rapport
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Building a rapport with the customer

Program Content


  • Call Centers – The Concept
  • Components of a Call Center
    • People
    • Process
    • Technology
  • The Culture of Call Centers
  • The Power of the Team
  • The Role of the Team Leader


  • Training and setting performance standards
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Key Performance Indicators
  • The Quality Monitoring Process
  • Identifying Training and Coaching Requirements
  • Agent Development
  • The Real Time Monitoring Process