Basic Supervisory Skills

Basic Supervisory Skills

Who Should Attend?
Supervisors, team leaders, prospective managers and others who need to develop their supervisory skills for enhanced performance and career progression.

About The Program
For any level of a supervisor, in any organization, there are a number of basic supervisory skills that one needs to follow as a set of rules. From motivating employees, to writing performance reviews, to effective communication skills, to giving and receiving feedback, one needs a set of skills to draw upon in their job.

We at TSC have developed the adequate training program for the new management role because we understand that they could have been promoted because of their technical expertise, not because of their managerial expertise.

Many current supervisors also need a refresher on their skills at various frequencies, to handle their employees on a regular basis, and to grow in their supervisory role.
Based on our years of experience and having developed training programs for supervisors in the past, we often customize some of these based on the need of your organization.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the demands of your position as a Supervisor
  • Understand a proven structured approach
  • Avoid mistakes made by many new managers
  • Be better equipped to keep your team:
  • motivated
  • productive, and
  • on target


  • Your KRAs as a Supervisor
  • The concepts and tools of management
  • The major roles of a Supervisor (PLOC)
    • Planning
    • Leading
    • Organizing
    • Controlling
  • How to lead and motivate your team


  • How to prioritize tasks and manage time
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to coach your team members
  • How to delegate responsibility

Tips on how to be a better supervisor