Who Should Attend?

Managers, senior managers, middle level management, and others who need to develop their managerial skills for enhanced performance and career progression.

About The Program

Employees are happy when they are appreciated on having accomplished something. They need regular feedback and encouragement to make them feel positive and enthusiastic about their work.

To motivate employees, managers need to sometimes devise a competitive, yet environment among their employees to encourage task performance. Competition serves to motivate employees both extrinsically and intrinsically. This is done in a way that motivates employees for a reward and recognition in the organization.

When employees are motivated, they engage each other through teams to improve the overall performance of the organization across different departments.

Leadership and motivation skills are a crucial element of an effective manager’s performance.This three-day program will equip you with the skills and insights you need to be an effective leader and motivator.

Program Objectives

  • Develop the requisite skills and insights required to become an effective motivator
  • Review best-practice motivational methods
  • Critically evaluate your own leadership preferences and behaviors
  • Build the skills to effectively manage interpersonal relationships and motivate your colleagues
  • Develop the ability to motivate and lead groups and teams

Program Content


Understanding Motivation

  • The importance of motivation
  • Assess levels of employee motivation
  • Meeting employee motivational needs


Motivating Employees

  • Retaining good employees
  • Communicating positively
  • Establishing motivating goals
  • Choosing the right rewards


Introducing and Encouraging Self-Motivation in Employees

  • Defining self-motivation and it’s advantages
  • Encourage self-motivation
  • Creating a bond with the organization
  • Providing professional growth opportunities and building a sense of accomplishment
  • Encouraging enthusiasm