Our Management Team averages 40+ years of experience Management Consultancy with experience and expertise that spans strategy, execution, technology and operations.

We offer a full range of call center and management services that range from assessment, planning, and implementation to optimize your mission-critical resources – people, process, and technology.

Our engagements consistently produce process-driven, actionable and financially sound plans and decisions that are in line with your requirements and business goals.

For over 2 decades, we have conducted a whole range of projects for clients spanning all sizes and major industry segments.

Management & Call Center Consultancy

TBSC provides call center services – voice and non-voice to a wide range of industries worldwide. With the support of an experienced panel of advisors and a visionary management team, TBSC has developed an array of solutions that has enabled businesses from various industries to overcome their challenges and achieve success in their respective markets.

Few of the segments TBSC has provided solutions for, are as below:

  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Banking
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Supply Chain
Superior customer engagement and personalized customer experience are the need of the hour that any customer seeks in a service. In order to serve its people better, the government today is increasingly focusing on multi-channel setting to connect and assist customers in the finest manner. With critical services like social service, healthcare, benefits, aviation, banking being offered by the government it is extremely critical that the people when they call you, get a professional service. For over 5 years TBSC solutions has partnered with the government in providing customers world class yet cost effective customer service. Partnering with TBSC today allows the government sector to serve customers even beyond working hours, manage unexpected increase in demand for information with the right technology and high standards of service delivery.
Medicine today is one of the most upcoming and competitive industry in today’s world. With new players entering the ever changing health industry, staying abreast with all regulations and providing superior customer service is essential for survival in this stiff industry. Employing our learnings from our successful conglomerates, we facilitate your medical practice to increase the satisfaction level of your customers, and build your reputation as a company that really cares about its patients.
In a highly competitive customer centric environment today it is no longer a question of automated banking systems or ease of opening a bank account. The business now centers on identifying customer needs at the right time and creating solutions before your competition does. TBSC with latest technology and experienced professionals, provides strong and cost-effective support for inbound and outbound communication with customers.
Electric power, gas or water – provided either by private or government agencies – have to be accompanied with good customer service. Reliable customer information and streamlined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are important streams for a utility / energy organization, which can have an impact on utility planning and educated decision making. With over 25 years of experience we at TBSC support your organization in catering to the varied requirements of your customers.
With the changing market dynamics, the supply chain management vertical is constantly evolving to meet the growing demands of customers. Despite the extensive use of technology and digitization in this segment, customers still prefer to call to get a resolution for their problems or get assistance for their enquiries. Proper updates and an approachable customer service team is a general expectation from the logistics providers of today. TBSC is a professional call center services company and guarantees that your customers are able to connect with your business for their requests at all times.