Ways to Ensure Business Continuity for Call Centers during COVID-19

Call Centers during COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has led to a global crisis, bringing millions of people under its throes. The COVID-19 is also seen to e having a severe impact on the global economy, bringing a multitude of businesses across the globe to a standstill. On the contrary, the call center services are in good demand, and the continuity of business for call centers is evolving as a serious threat to societal and economic health.

Here are some of the measures that you can adopt to facilitate business continuity for call center services and safeguard your workforce.

Effective Ways to Ensure Business Continuity

Find Out Your Key Agents and Supervisors
During the period of uncertainty, the anxiety and stress amongst the agents might skyrocket. Find out ways to bring out the key agents and supervisors who can serve as the point of contact for every team. These individuals can prove effective in coordinating readiness and ongoing activities for training. Also, make sure that the relevant information and news gets distributed and aid smooth transitions when altering responsibilities and roles are in order.

Generate Customer Communication Plan
The wrong information and rumors can be rife during a pandemic. It is more vital than before to keep your customers and employees well informed about the planned changes that might affect them. Consistent and clear communication can help them to be certain that their best interests and welfare of important requisites to your organization.

Create a Safe Work-at-Home Ambience to Help Agents Work Remotely
The cloud-based contact call center services enable remote configuration to help agents work from home. The VoIP through a home broadband connection and a VPN connection to your corporate network might offer secure access to enterprise applications like workforce engagement, gamification system, analytics, and CRM.

Build and Enforce a Staff Training Plan
Procedures and plans can alter quickly and frequently during a pandemic, It is crucial to building a plan for training new employees on new protocols and developments in response to industry updates followed by standards and regulations of government and healthcare. To ensure agents are 100% engaged and can provide consistent and accurate messaging to clients, interaction, and ongoing training, monitoring is of utmost importance.

Staff Accurately to Manage a Rise in Call Volumes
When anxiety and stress levels are penetrating, the agents and customers of call center services must know that the company supports them. With more such calls pouring in from anxious customers, call centers need to appropriately staff up to manage the influx. The accurate schedule is always the answer.

Practice Compassion when Communicating with Customers
Companies must proactively reach out to their clients to keep them well-informed of any alteration to hours, services, and wait-times due to COVID-19. You can take dropping the corporate-speak to consideration and replace it with more compassionate language and empathy. Ensure that IVR routing supports customers to get access to the information that they need as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Lead them to virtual assistants and knowledgebases and chatbots whenever needed. But also make sure that they can be navigated easily, and can answer their questions and address their issues, and most importantly, enable them to get an agent when these self-service options are not enough.

To ensure operational continuity, the companies need to invest in digital workplaces that are generally uninterrupted even during the COVID-19.

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