Call Center

Call Center

The call center industry worldwide has undergone tremendous transformation over the past decade due to rapid changes in customer expectations, technological developments along with the competitive environment. According to Walker, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiation.

TBSC understands that customer service is the heart of running successful business in today’s ever changing and dynamic business environment. Whether it is outbound or inbound TBSC has supports any business like yours to increase customer experience and increased customer loyalty while you gain in quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our call center team has been designed to ensure our call center professionals are equipped enough to resolve complex situations to ensure continuous positive customer engagement. Exhaustive training programs ensure that the teams are fully trained industry specific concepts and core process trainings but also language proficiency as well as professional certifications. Along with our comprehensive training program, TBSC offers a comprehensive bouquet of customer relationship management tools like advanced dialers, call tracking and speech analytics that provide optimized, seamlessly integrated solutions to deliver outstanding customer experience.

Our Capabilities include
Surveys / Presales

With increasing options available for a customer to be spoilt for choice, it has become important to have a detailed understanding of the customer needs, preferences and behaviour. Distinct from marketing and sales operations, presales provides a specific set of activities that lead to qualifying and understanding them.


Businesses have been benefitting from telesales since over 2 decades now. They use telesales to achieve their profit targets, advertise their products and services, generate leads, set appointments or even directly sell products over a phone call.

Customer Services

Customers are vital to any organization and Customer service is a critical aspect because it is often the only contact a customer has with a company. Besides being the main indicator to measure customer loyalty, identify unhappy customers, increase revenue and reduce churn; it also is a key differentiator to attract new customers.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention plays a vital role in the business world of today. It is cost-effective, faster and builds your credibility in the mind of the customer. While Customer acquisition is an important step, retention of customers, and ensuring they are happy and satisfied has a major role to play in winning over their trust and loyalty.


There are many challenges in Collections as a process, across organizations. An uncertain economic change makes collecting outstanding funds more difficult. To improve results, companies need a strategic partner who can deliver improved collections efficiencies with different processes put to practice. Third Party Collections - for past due accounts, yet active Unsecured Collections - for written off debts, inactive


This forms an integral part of any call center solution. This system exclusively handles incoming calls/ emails/ chats from your customers and effectively responds to their requirements, based on parameters defined by your business.

Few features our inbound solutions have to offer:

  • CRM Integration
  • IVR Flexibility
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Queue Monitoring
  • Skill-based routing for agents
  • Priority routing
  • Time Based routing
  • Call recording
  • Chat routing
  • SMS services
  • Email handling

With today’s customers communicating via various platforms, a business needs an equally agile Contact Center that supports multiple channels to connect better with the customers. TBSC’s multi-channel Outbound Call Center solutions allow you to target your specific segments and enhance customer interaction.

Few of our key features include:

  • Dialers
    • Preview
    • Progressive
    • Predictive
  • Language Based Routing
  • Real-time Dashboards and Reports
    • Visualization dashboards
    • System dashboard
    • Call load analysis dashboard
    • Live analytics
    • Performance Dashboard
    • Agent efficiency report
  • Chat Routing
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • SMS Services
  • Multi-Channel Automated Self-Service And Outreach