Dubai to shine on the world stage at Expo 2020

DUBAI: Dubai’s chance to shine on the world stage! The Government is expected to spend $7 billion on infrastructure, a plan that is already in motion.

Hotels and the Tourism Industry will benefit enormously from this spectacular event. It is projected as a boon to the already lucrative real estate market.

Dubai forecasts 25 million visitors to the region and the importance of protocol and diplomacy cannot be over-emphasized.

Preparation and logistics are paramount to hosting international visitors, dignitaries and delegations.

The demand for trained and certified Protocol Specialists has never been more urgent in all areas of business from government entities, airport personnel, security, transportation, hotels, restaurants and expo personnel.

On April 23 – 28, 2016, The International Protocol Institute of California, in partnership with Levenbert Consulting Services will present: Train To Be An International Protocol Specialist 2016 A 5-day Intensive Training Programme covering International Protocol, Diplomacy and Cross-Cultural Relations which was successfully launched in Dubai, 2015

International Protocol Institute of California (based in San Diego) in partnership with Levenbert Consulting, successfully launched its first international protocol certification program, ‘Train To Be An International Protocol Specialist’ from Dec 6-12, 2015.